Term paper of cocoyam

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Nepalese cocoyam

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Cocoyams have an exciting potential as an underexploited, tropical food crop (14). This potential is emphasized by the need for genetic re sistance to a new, yet undefined disease(s) of cocoyam. Cocoyam is a tuberous root crop cultivated in many regions of South Asia.

Cocoyams share many of the same nutritional and agricultural characteristics as potatoes and other root crops such as cassava and yams. Cocoyam. Is, as its name implies, a type of food crop similar to yam but much smaller in size and more convenient in preparation and ease of processing Cocoyam leaf.

The picture of the dark green Cocoyam leaf Leaves Elephant ear Cocoyam Dasheen Taro. Leaves Elephant ear Cocoyam Dasheen Eddoe Japanese taro Taro in the swamp. 1 Starch. Starch is the most abundant carbohydrate reserve in plants and is found in leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, different types of stems and roots.

Cocoyam is a common name for more than one tropical root and vegetable crop belonging to the Arum family (Aroids) and may refer to: Taro (Colocasia esculenta) - old cocoyam Malanga (Xanthosoma spp.) - new cocoyam. Tell the students that you want them to help you plan the school food gardens, and tell them about the seven steps of planning.

Tell the students about the aims of your school food garden programme.

Term paper of cocoyam
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