Paper copy self assessment tax return

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Tax return (United Kingdom)

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Tax Return Questionnaire

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Submitting your tax return by e-file and mailing it on paper are the only two ways to send your tax return to the IRS. E-file is faster, safer, and generally more convenient than paper filing. Filing on paper is generally cheaper, and refunds take longer. complete then you have submitted your return and this is a copy of the information held on your official online Self Assessment tax account with HM Revenue and Customs.

£, £11, £11, if you are using a paper return - by 31 October Online Self Assessment Tax Return - posted in Forums Cafe: Is anyone else having problems with this? I seem to be going round in circles with mine.

I have my user ID and my password and each time I try to log in it fails. I have been talking to the helpdesk many times and they keep sending me new passwords etc and still nothing will let me log in.

When does the new tax year start?

If you complete and submit this tax return on or before 31 August Revenue will calculate the self-assessment for you. This will assist you in paying the correct amount by the due date.

Tax Return and Self-Assessment for the year A copy of the Form 11 Helpsheet. • if you are using a paper return – by 31 October (or 3 months after the date of this notice if that’s later), or • if you are filing a return online – by 31 January

Paper copy self assessment tax return
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