Non farming activities in indian villages

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Farming in Palampur Farming is the main occupation in the imaginary village of Palampur. 75% of the people of Palampur are involved in farming, as farmers or farm labourers. They depend mainly on the farm produce. Problem faced by the farmers of Palampur: Fixed Land for Cultivation The main problem the farmers of this village face is land - land that can be brought under cultivation.

Generally the activities which are carried out in farm are FARMING ACTIVITIES and activities excluding farming activities are non-farming activities. Let us take example, If a man has cows or buffaloes and he feed grass or other fodder to them.

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So feeding is farming activity. He will take milk from.


The non farming activities in indian village 1. Dairy Small ScaleManufacturing Shopkeepers Transport 2. Dairy Farming is generally a type ofsubsistence farming system inIndia, especially in Haryana, themajor producer of milk in thecountry. Another major occupation in Indian villages is the cottage industry.

Cottage industry has emerged as a major source of employment in Indian villages over the period of time. Many villagers are occupied in various kinds of art and crafts works. List out any ten non farming activities in a modern Indian village.

They can be the ones currently being practiced in Indian villages or you can innovate and suggest new ones and keeping in mind the activities suitable for an Indian village/5(11).

Non farming activities in indian villages
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