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During his early writing career he wrote not just non-fiction, but also worked as a ghostwriter for college students needing term papers, an experience he later described in an essay called "The Term Paper Artist".

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When the writer Nick Mamatas was interviewed on New York Public Radio station, by Bob Garfield, the discussion topic was of his essay, “The Term Paper Artist”.

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This essay was published on an online Drexel University magazine by the name of The Smart Set. "The Term Paper Artist" By Nick Mamatas Nick Mamatas's "The Term Paper Artist" is an article about a man who happens to enjoy his job writing term papers that will later on be sold and to question his reasons and its overall ethicality.

Many people see term paper mills as easier ways for people to cheat. Nick Mamatas's wiki: Nick Mamatas (Greek: Νίκος Μαμματάς) (born February 20, ) is an American horror, science fiction and fantasy author and editor for the Haikasoru line of translated Japanese science fiction novels for Viz Media.

His fiction has be Born: February 20, (age 44), Long Island, New York. Nick Mamatas was born on Long Island, New York and attended the State University of New York at Stony Brook and New School University.

He is also a graduate of the MFA program in creative and professional writing at Western Connecticut State University, which he attended only after publishing a number of books, short stories, and articles.

Nick mamatas term paper artist
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