Making a paper watermark

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How to make a paper watermark

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Making a paper watermark

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What is a Watermark?

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All About Paper

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Sketch your watermark design on a piece of paper. Using the sketch as a pattern, bend the wire into the same shape as the design. Cut a piece of window screen from the roll that is. There is no other way to “watermark” a sheet except during the actual paper- making process, which requires expensive dies, long delivery times, and ordering large quantities.


Our patented process is nearly identical to a paper mill watermark mark. Whatman made laid texture paper with watermark " Hand Made" A winged woman and chariot and a Britiannia device/watermark See both photos of watermarks on single sheets.

This paper was made in the 's for Grosvenor Charter, paper merchants in London & is their founding date. Paper: Evidence of a Production Process. Today, by closely examining the paper in the Gutenberg Bible, we discover watermarks, which are evidence of the papermaking process.

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Making a paper watermark
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