Kirkus review editing services

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Kirkus Reviews: Is it worth the money?

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Kirkus Reviews: Is it worth the money? Posted by: Michel Sauret in Book Reviews, libraries and book stores rely on Kirkus reviews for purchasing books — and neither of them purchase self-published/indie books.

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SFBR/SBR has tried to make our services affordable for the indie author, and we also offer the ability to trade an unfavorable. Book Reviews, Book Lover Resources, Advice for Writers and Publishers: Home / Reviewer's Bookwatch. I have The Science Fiction & Fantasy Quiz Book and infect I have collection of Joseph A.

McCullough’s books, who is the author of numerous non-fiction books with A. We ensure that our standards are met by assigning an experienced production editor to review all work before it is returned to the author.

How it works. 1| Kirkus Editorial focuses on editing services, and we do not currently offer design services. Kirkus Reviews Home; Company History. Jul 07,  · Kirkus pays freelancers more than most review publications.

Cons As with most book review publications, there is little room to advance and the pay--while better than most other review publications--is low considering the time investment required to read and write about each Former Employee - Anonymous Employee.

Kirkus review editing services
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