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PTPTN Loan: Pay it fast or pay it slowly?

I started to pay to study loan from Perbadanan Tabung Tinggi Pendidikan Nasional (PTPTN) since I received the first letter from PTPTN to inform me to start paying my study loan (about fews months after my graduation).

I was considered lucky as I got employed right after I graduated. So, there’s no problem for me to start my PTPTN loan repayment. A Controversial Issue on Interest of the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN): A Case Study Updated on 01/4/ at Then, he worked as ticket assistant for check their loans.

3. #2. Studying an Occupational Safety & Health Course a) Entry Requirements & Qualifications. In order to pursue an Occupational Safety & Health course, you will need to meet the minimum requirements set by colleges and universities.

“EXEMPTION FOR PTPTN LOAN REPAYMENT can consider beyond the terms and conditions on case to case basis, depending on the cause contributed to the extention of study period.

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Hence, the borrower is advise to submit an appeal together with the supporting documents that reflect that the.

Jun 08,  · Please be carefull with PTPTN once you have the court case better nego to settel it. FYI, my issue with PTPTN, my loan was only rm 21, then it when to court case since i never pay a cent.

Simple and easy way to check PTPTN statement or PTPTN balance based on personal experience. to pay to study loan from Perbadanan Tabung Tinggi Pendidikan Nasional (PTPTN) since I received the first letter from PTPTN to inform me to start paying my study loan From what I remember, for my case, there's no notification but my University.

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