Canadas looming fiscal squeeze

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The city of Chicago has long been regarded as an economic engine of the Midwest. It is home to some of the country’s largest industries and more than 30 of the nation’s Fortune companies. Jan 04,  · Two days before Christmas, when most politicians and their staffers had long left their offices for the holiday break, the finance department released — without fanfare or wide notice — a surprising update on long-term economic and fiscal projections.

The fiscal squeeze also raises troubling questions about inequity between generations. The boomers generally did very well while they were in the workplace, earning higher inflation-adjusted wages than Generations X and Y, and enjoying better pensions and benefits. Squeeze put on South Africa's MPs as looming vote threatens Zuma's reign August 5, - PM - Ivan Fallon Jacob Zuma, South Africa's embattled president, will face perhaps the biggest challenge of his eight years in power on Tuesday: an opposition no-confidence vot.

Why today’s fiscal squeeze adds to the economy’s costs and imposes needless austerity The financial sector promises that privatizing roads and ports, water and sewer systems, bus and railroad lines (on credit, of course) is more efficient and will lower the prices charged for their services.

Amid the eurozone crisis, the possibility of the US being plunged back into recession by its looming “fiscal cliff” of deep spending cuts, and slowing economic growth in several developing.

Canadas looming fiscal squeeze
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Canada's looming fiscal squeeze, updated (eBook, ) []