Alienation of labor

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Alienation 0: Commodification of the Soul In Late-Stage Capitalism

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Marx's theory of alienation

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Thus, while Marx’s concept of alienation exhibits different manifestations, these are all interrelated and build on each other. A further elaboration is offered in The German Ideology, where Marx identifies the division of labor as.

Alienation happens when a person uses her labor for activity that has nothing to do with herself as an individual or fulfilling her own intention, desires, or wage labor, the work-activity of employees is decided by an employer and — since wages are the market-price exchanged for labor as a commodity — a wage-earner understands her own activity as an external object owned as.

Alienation of the worker from other workers: The reduction of labor to a mere market commodity creates the so-called labor market in which a worker competes against another worker. Labor is traded in a competitive labor market instead of considering it as a constructive socioeconomic activity characterized by collective common effort.

The alienation of the worker from his product does not only mean that his labor becomes an object, an external entity, but also that it exists outside him, independently, as something alien, that it turns into a power on its own confronting him, that the life which he has given to his product stands against him as something strange and hostile.

The alienation from the self is a consequence of being a mechanistic part of a social class, the condition of which estranges a person from their humanity. Through estranged, alienated labor, then, the worker produces the relationship to this labor of a man alien to labor and standing outside it.

The relationship of the worker to labor creates the relation to it of the capitalist (or.

Marx's theory of alienation Alienation of labor
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Alienation Commodification of the Soul In Late-Stage Capitalism